Does Remedial Massage Compliment Chiropractic Care?

Remedial Massage allows for optimal alignment

Dry NeedlingThe answer is yes! Remedial Massage does compliment Chiropractic Care and other treatments such as Dry needling and Acupuncture. Often the two combined can have an improved outcome to therapy. If there is muscle imbalance or weakness, posture is affected, which in turn starts to cause spinal misalignment and nerve pressure. Massage can help re balance the supporting muscles of the spine. This allows for optimal alignment and posture to be achieved and maintained for longer.

Recovery Time will be shorter

For example, Remedial Massage Therapy compliments Chiropractic Adjustments by warming up your muscles, and making them more supple and relaxed. Chiropractic AdjustmentThis helps to prepare the muscles and joints for a chiropractic adjustment or correction. As a result your adjustment will be better, and your recovery time will be shorter. Additionally your symptoms, often pain and stiffness, will be alleviated faster. This will enable corrective changes in spinal alignment to last for longer.

There are some extra benefits of regular Remedial Massage Therapy.

  • Therapy has shown to encourage faster healing time and reduced formation of scar tissue
  • Massage can produce deep relaxation for people who suffer from a busy lifestyle
  • It promotes stress reduction and reduces anxiety levels
  • Massage can strengthen the immune system and increase the ability to think clearly
  • Helps to provide an overall feeling of well-being and encourages a sense of balance and harmony

Regular Remedial Massage is so important to keeping your body and mind in proper harmony, and to maintain a healthy nervous system. They feel good too! At Well and Wise, we are passionate about making massage and chiropractic adjustments a combined approach to staying well, that is available to everyone. Also to enable this complimentary approach to care, to become part of your and your family’s lifestyle, to enhance your body’s natural function and ability to heal and maintain itself, so your body and mind can perform at it’s absolute best!

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