Well & Wise Fee Structure

New Adult Patients Examination & Consultation: $97/Initial Visit
Adult Chiropractic: $59/Regular Visit
New Medibank Private Member: $85/Initial Visit
New Patient Concession & Child Under15:$85/Initial Visit
Student Concession and Child Under15: $49/Regular Visit
Dry Needling: $97/Initial Visit
Dry Needling: $59/Regular Visit
Bulk Billing: For GP Approved, DVA, Workcover, Medicare Enhanced Care Programs.

30 Minute Massage: $60
45 Minute Massage: $77
60 Minute Massage: $97
90 Minute Massage: $150

Adult Patient Consultation: $150/ Regular Visit
Child Patient Consultation: $150/ Regular Visit
Medicare Referral with a Mental Health Care Plan Consultation. Counselling Session fees: $220/Session (Rebate: $77.90 per session on a MHCP. Out of pocket $142.20/Session). 10 Session package: $1800 (Rebate: $77.90 per session on a MHCP. Out of pocket $102.20/Session - Saving a total of $400) :

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