Traditionally Massage has been known for its great Stress Relieving Benefits. Stress is a big factor in our lives today. Being so busy we often neglect to give ourselves ‘time out’ to relax and unwind. Incorporating massage into your lifestyle will vastly improve your emotional well being and therefore overall Health.


Remedial Massage

Benefits of Remedial Massage Therapy

Faster healing time from injury and reduces formation of scar tissue
Reduces anxiety levels
Improving muscle and joint flexibility
Preparation for certain events such as marathons or fun runs
Releasing toxic build-up in the soft tissues of the body
Encourages a sense of balance and harmony
Relieving stiffness and pain
Improving circulation and blood flow
Improving muscle and joint flexibility
Increases ability to think clearly
Preparation for certain events such as marathons or fun runs
Strengthens immune system
Gives a feeling of well-being
Relieving stiffness and pain
Produces deep relaxation
Improving postures

Types of Massage We Offer?



This type of massage therapy is more treatment focused – ie if you have a particular area of pain or injury, remedial massage works at relieving symptoms and treating the actual problem or condition. For example, plantar fasciitis, or shoulder tendonitis.

Remedial massage is a therapeutic deep tissue massage that can incorporate other forms such as Trigger Point Therapy, or Myofascial Release that can treat specific health issues, musculoskeletal problems and injuries. It provides a deeper relaxation if you are stressed and soothes sore, tired muscles.

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage massage is an extremely gentle, rhythmic and flowing massage that targets the lymphatic system alone.

This style of massage is targeting a very superficial body system that only requires a light touch compared to remedial massage that is targeting the musculoskeletal system and can go much deeper into the soft tissues.

This type of massage is important for the stimulating the immune and lymphatic system, to reduce the sensation of pain, assist with circulation and the removal of waste from the tissues and reduce backlog,

And helps in the following cases:

Sinusitis/hay fever                                 Dentistry                           Chronic fatigue Syndrome

Oedema reduction (pregnancy)             Lymphoedema                 Pre/post surgery

Pain relief (fibromyalgia)                        Arthritis                             Cancer

Chronic inflammation                             Whiplash                           Post sporting event inflammation

Strains and Sprains                               Bruising                             Soft tissue damage


Pregnancy Massage

A special pregnancy "Belly Pillow" is used to allow for comfortable positioning and a pleasant experience on a normal massage table during your Pregnancy Massage. This type of massage is very popular and beneficial as it is an important time to ensure the muscles are kept relaxed and supple to allow for proper alignment and function of the pelvis and lower spine in particular, but for the whole body throughout the pregnancy, as well as during the birth process. Care is taken to provide a safe and gentle massage experience for pregnant mothers to be.