North Brisbane Chiropractic & Clinical Psychology Bulk Billing Clinic

No Out of Pocket BULK BILLING for Chiropractic with an Enhanced Care Plan or Psychology clients with both a Mental Health Care Plan and a Health Care Card. We care for clients with GP Referrals, GP Referred Medicare & DVA letters, We also offer all therapies to clients with or without Private Health Cover. 

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Bulk Billing for Chiropractic Care and Clinical Psychology

Why See Us

Personalised Treatment
We will take a full history, perform an individualised assessment, and treatment plan, based upon your needs. No cookie cutter approach!
Practitioners Referral
We will work closely with all your other health care practitioners to ensure cohesion to best support your care with us, making your road to recovery an easier one.
Comfortable Clinic
Our clinic feels like a comfortable healing haven where you can find peace with a supportive space centered around your well being & progression to a happier life.
No Out Of Pocket Fees
If you have a GP Referral Letter for a Medicare Plan or a Mental Health Care Plan, there will be No Out of Pocket Fee for Chiropractic Care and Clinical Psychology.
Qualified Therapists
Your treatment will be performed by only fully qualified and up to date therapists, covered by relevant insurance and members of governing associations
Therapy Goals
Our goal is to ensure a good experience, one where we address your needs, and set goals to enhance your mind & body for a better quality of life.
We offer a multi-disciplinary approach to bring you back to balance and restore your health

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