Naturopathy is a form of complementary medicine which is holistic in its approach, treating the whole person not just the affected area. It emphasises prevention, treatment, and optimal health and uses products made from plants (herbal medicine) and nutrients (nutritional medicine) that encourage and support the body’s inherent ability to self-heal.

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a distinct and complete system of health care that uses the power of Nature, aiming to treat holistically by finding and treating the cause of conditions, rather than just the symptoms, dealing with the whole person, with a strong emphasis on education and preventative care. Naturopaths are prevention medicine specialists. Naturopaths in today's day use scientific evidence as well as traditional evidence in their practice, science and art of managing patients.

Naturopathic case-taking often uncovers dis-ease long before it has become a diagnosable pathology (subclinical). Naturopaths treat both acute and chronic conditions. Naturopathic care is well suited to anyone at any age. Naturopaths have many solutions for common conditions and ailments that affect us, such as sinusitis, recurrent infections, and or skin or allergic reactions to name a few. Naturopaths use various modalities in their practice. These may include: herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, homeopathy, dietary and lifestyle advice, and other therapies.

Personalised Herbal Formulas and Nutritional Supplementation

A naturopath can support you and your medical condition with herbal and nutritional supplementation, herbal medicine, nutrition and dietary and lifestyle advice to achieve the best possible health outcome for you.

A Personalised Herbal Formula is a blend of liquid herbal extracts that your naturopath can prepare for you. Each formula is prepared specifically for each individual client and may contain between 4 and 8 different herbs. The individual needs of the client are considered carefully when selecting herbs for a formula. In addition to liquid herbal formulas, your naturopath can also prescribe practitioner approved supplements.


A naturopath will usually collaborate with your G.P, if you have any diagnosed medical conditions and develop a treatment plan which compliments pre-existing medications and conventional western medical treatments. They will work with you to manage your health condition, and offer you practical and informative advice that is easy to understand.

Initial Consultation / 60-90 minutes

An initial consultation includes an assessment and naturopathic diagnosis. During an initial consultation, you will discuss your past and present health history, your diet and your personal health goals. There will also be some physical examinations and if you have any recent pathology test results, these will be discussed too.  At the end of the consultation, your Naturopath will discuss a treatment plan which may include dietary and lifestyle changes and herbal or nutritional supplementation.

Follow-up Consultation / 30 minutes

During a follow-up consultation,  your Naturopath and yourself will discuss any changes to your condition, track your progress on your health goals, and make any necessary modifications to your treatment plan.

Naturopathic Treatment Plans

Your Naturopath will formulate a treatment plan which will include short and long term health goals, along with an action plan. The plan will be tailored to suit the client's specific needs and health concerns, and will use both traditional and evidence based medicines of the highest quality. As well as this your naturopath will encourage you to be involved in the process of setting your own health goals which are achievable and measurable.