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Your Baby Needs Chiropractic Too

Paediatric ChiropractorChiropractic for the Newborn

Just being born, is reason enough for a baby to be checked by a Chiropractor.

  1. Firstly, the baby’s neck and spine undergoes a great deal of stress in the process of being engaged into the birth canal. 
  2. About 80-100 pounds of pressure is exerted on the baby’s head and spine during normal childbirth.
  3. Where the baby is in posterior or breech position, a more complicated delivery can result in vertebral misalignment.
  4. The use of forceps or vacuum extraction can lead to injury or spinal misalignment.
  5. Caesarian sections pose other more specific stresses on the newborn’s neck and spine.
  6. Delivery of twins and multiple births also has the issue of intrauterine constraint. This can create more pressure on the developing spines and skulls of the newborns.
Dr Sonia performs an Activator adjustment on a baby


How do Chiropractors Adjust Newborns?

Different chiropractors use various techniques. We like to use the Activator to correct spinal misalignments in the new baby. It is both safe and gentle, as well extremely effective. Most of the time a newborn patients will just sleep as the adjustment is being done, and is a painless procedure, sometimes with instant results.

Activator adjusting instrument

How do I know if my Baby Needs to see the Chiropractor?

Most commonly parents bring their baby with the following signs and symptoms:

  1. Colic, reflux, gas and irritability
  2. Torticollis (a sideways tilting of the head) is also another sign that the baby needs treatment.
  3. Feeding difficulties, either not latching, or not comfortable in certain positions.
  4. You are noticing that your baby is more comfortable on one side or moves better on one side.

As the newborn continues to develop and grow, the importance of learning to crawl, and eventually walk, is also significant for their long term health.  The development of coordination is vital, and encouraging crawling is essential. Adjustments helps to facilitate symmetrical movement, strength and equal use of both sides of the body. We all know how many times a toddler falls and stumbles as they are learning to walk. Vertebral misalignment may be the result of these falls and lack of treatment.

What is Chiropractic for Colic?

Infantile Colic is crying for more than three hours a day, for more than three days a week, for three weeks in an otherwise healthy child. More often than not, the crying is worse in the evening.

One in every four Australian babies suffer from infantile colic. Although causes of this condition are uncertain, clinical trials show that chiropractic care is significantly more effective than medications. Without the risk of side effects from some medications. Chiropractors continue to ease the discomfort of colic for babies using gentle chiropractic adjustments.

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