How Pregnancy Massage Can Help Prevent Post Natal Depression

Pregnancy Massage

Where’s the huge rush of love?

Doctors considered me to be very fit, healthy and low-risk when I was pregnant with my first daughter. We did everything we could to ensure her entrance into the world would be a calm and positive one, and for 9 months everything was wonderful. Then everything just stopped while we waited. For 15 days she didn’t come. When she finally came it took another 36 hours of a traumatic, exhausting and mis-managed labour. After all of that, I was expecting to get this huge rush of love that everyone talked about. In the end it was just a relief that she was here, and it was over. My husband told me that he was just happy that we both made it out alive!

Feeling Disconnected

It took a long time for me to connect with my daughter, and I became exceptionally anxious and needed regular support from family and friends. With their help I was able to recover from postnatal depression. A few years later, I became pregnant with my second daughter. Besides the usual complaints early on, it was a relatively easy pregnancy.  However, I was much more anxious this time round, so I looked for ways to help combat this. This is when I decided to try pregnancy massage to help with the anxiety and stress.

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Massage was beneficial for me through many of the physiological changes that occurred throughout my pregnancy. Massage was instrumental in reducing muscle tension, relieving headaches, aiding circulation and promoting my overall good health. To my surprise it was very emotionally supportive. The treatment helped me slow down, relax and reconnect with my growing baby. The environment was safe and nurturing. I always came out of a treatment with renewed energy and excitement for what was to come.

Ensuring Ultimate Comfort

There was always time and care taken to position me correctly.  I was given enough supports to ensure ultimate comfort during the treatment. The massage techniques were relaxing, but they were also remedial. The therapist would work on areas that were giving me discomfort, and she didn’t shy away from using a good amount of pressure to relieve this discomfort. The therapist would leave enough time to go through a consultation, so she could fully understand how the pregnancy was progressing.

The Dreaded ‘Induction’ Word

Towards the end of my pregnancy, my anxiety and worries increased, so I attended more regular treatments which fell in line with my obstetric appointments. Once the dreaded word “induction” started popping up, my therapist helped me get my body ready to bring my baby into the world. She tried to reassure me that this time things would be different. Even though I still ended up having to have another caesarian section, my recovery was 100% better than before. I was very fortunate not to suffer from postnatal depression a second time.

A Faster Recovery

When you’re pregnant the focus is generally on how baby is doing. It was always so lovely to have someone focus on how I was doing, and how I was managing. Massage treatments vastly improved my experience of being pregnant and helped prepare me for labour. I attribute my faster recovery to the wonderful care from my therapist.

The Tools and Techniques for Success

As a result of my experience, I wanted to gain a more in-depth knowledge into pregnancy and post-natal massage.  I studied with Pregnancy Massage Australia as a practitioner in pregnancy massage and then as a post-natal massage therapist. This gave me the tools and techniques to feel confident in treating women through all stages of pregnancy and beyond.

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